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The eye-catching wedding dress Euphoria

The mesmerizing and glamorous wedding dress Euphoria from the Spark collection is a vision of enchantment sewn to perfection from tender tulle with waves of glitter that cascade down the gown and c.

The corseted bodice of this gown is a work of art, featuring intricate lacing that not only adds a touch of sensuality but also allows for a customizable fit, ensuring you feel comfortable and confident throughout your wedding day

The eye-catching plunging neckline adds a hint of allure and sophistication flattering the bride’s natural beauty, while the wide semi-sheer straps, hand-beaded with crystals on the edges, create a dazzling and glamorous look.

Every movement of the bride is accompanied by a mesmerizing dance of light, making her the center of attention.

Wedding dress Euphoria from The Spark collection by Hadassa is available for order!

For retail purchase follow this link >>

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